X-KeePass Password Safe 1.105.02 Crack [Win/Mac] 🔅

X-KeePass Password Safe is a comprehensive Windows application that acts like a vault for all your personal information, such as credit card details and email accounts.
This is actually a portable version for KeePass Password Safe, so installation is not necessary. You can extract the files to any location on the hard disk and just click the executable to run.
Another idea is to save X-KeePass Password Safe to a USB flash disk to keep your passkeys close whenever you're on the go. What's more, the Windows registry does not get updated with new keys, and no extra files are created on the disk without your consent.
The interface is tidy and quite intuitive. For each new created database you can specify a master password and key file/provider, as well as reserve rights only for the current Windows user.
So, you can set up the database name, description and color, configure file-level security settings, select the compression mode, use the recycle bin instead of removing files permanently when deleting them, and so on.
All entries are organized into user-defined groups. It is possible to set an entry title, user name, password, notes, expiration date (if any), custom string fields, file attachments, foreground and background colors, as well as auto-type mode.
Records can be copied to the Clipboard, while data can be imported and exported (e.g. to Any Password CSV or DataVault CSV format). Meanwhile, X-KeePass Password Safe can be synchronized with files and URLs. The workspace may be locked every time you plan to leave the computer unattended. A search function is available for times when dealing with large amounts of information saved in the database.
Additional tools of X-KeePass Password Safe are capable of generating passwords and password lists, adding TAN entries, deleting duplicate entries, empty groups and unused custom icons, creating automatic system triggers, as well as managing all loaded KeePass plugins.
The program executes commands rapidly and uses minimum CPU and RAM, so it does not hog system resources. It did not cause us any problems throughout our evaluation such as freezing, crashing or popping up error dialogs.
When it comes down to it, X-KeePass Password Safe is a pretty resourceful application for keeping your passkeys private from others, and it should meet the requirements of most users.
KeePass Video Guide







X-KeePass Password Safe 1.105.02 Crack

KeePass is a free and open source password manager. It is a small and simple database program which works with a wide variety of databases, such as KDBX, SQLite, CSV and more. You may use it to store your passwords in a file, or you may use it to generate passwords. If you want to create a strong password and store it in your database, KeePass can help you do that. You can manage your files and folders in a cross platform and user friendly way. KeePass is based on open standards, works on almost any operating system and hardware platform, and it is free and open source.
Key Features:
✔ Creating a master password is optional.
✔ Portable version available for easy extraction of the program files to any location on the hard disk
✔ Extraction to a USB flash disk is also possible without having to be installed
✔ Password entries are organized into groups
✔ Useful program tools included
✔ Save data to the clipboard for quick access
✔ Manual and automatic data synchronization with USB flash disk, FTP server, IMAP/POP3 email account and web page, HTTP server, network storage and more
✔ Plugins are easy to add
✔ Supports Unicode
✔ Supports different languages
✔ Multiple databases
✔ Open source and free
✔ Works on almost any operating system and hardware platform
✔ Very simple to use
✔ Free, open source and cross platform
✔ Works with almost all kinds of databases
✔ Password Manager
✔ Generates strong passwords
✔ Stores passwords in a safe way
✔ May be used to generate strong passwords
✔ May be used to save passwords in a safe way
✔ Generates randomized passwords
✔ Works in an unlimited number of databases
✔ Generates passwords in different languages
✔ Has a simple user interface
✔ Supports different types of encryption
✔ Cross platform
✔ Works with most databases
✔ Native apps for iOS and Android devices available
✔ Supports all Windows editions
✔ Supports Windows NT / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / Server 2003 / Server 2008 / Server 2012 / Windows 10
✔ It is possible to generate strong passwords
✔ It is possible to store passwords safely
✔ It is possible to generate passwords for every kind of situation
✔ Generates passwords for every kind of situation

X-KeePass Password Safe 1.105.02 Torrent Download

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X-KeePass Password Safe 1.105.02 Free

X-KeePass Password Safe is a powerful, easy to use, simple to use yet powerful Windows application that acts like a vault for all your personal information.
KeePass Password Safe version 2.3 is a free to download program that is available for Windows operating systems. Its creator promises that it will protect your personal data and secure your information in case it gets lost. It has a big database with all your user accounts.
Now, KeePass Video Guide will show you how to install, use and configure KeePass Password Safe in this short video guide.
Table of contents
00:07 Installation
01:10 Open up KeePass Password Safe
02:15 Open up New Database
03:10 Add a new user
04:07 Select a default file provider
05:10 Configure a master password
06:25 Select an available file provider
07:13 Add a new entry
08:03 Select a group
08:26 Change an entry’s group
09:34 Select an available field
09:42 Change an entry’s title and notes
10:38 Select a foreground color
10:50 Add a custom icon
11:43 Select a background color
12:21 Edit an entry’s notes
13:30 Select a password type
14:28 Add a new TAN entry
15:39 Save a password list
16:35 Select a file
17:28 Select a file and URL
18:08 Export a file
19:06 Export a file and URL
20:32 Compress the database
21:23 Search for entries
23:37 Delete a group
24:25 Delete a user
25:03 Change an entry’s expiration date
26:30 Apply changes
26:50 Lock the database
27:41 View a history log
28:39 Open up KeePass Password Safe
00:07 Installation
There are two methods to install the program.
Method 1: Download the zip file of the program and extract it to your hard disk.
Method 2: Download the exe file from the official website, and run the file to complete the installation.

As the program is a free to download windows application, so we prefer to use method one. The installation file is about 3.6M in size. It does not need any activation and it does not require any administrator privileges.
Open up KeePass Password Safe
Open up KeePass Password Safe, you will see a window as below.


What’s New in the?

KeePass Password Safe is a great solution to keep track of all your usernames and passwords.
This is a portable version of the software. It does not require installation.
Its interface is quite intuitive. All your entries are organized into groups.
Each entry has a title and description. The entry itself can hold a password, notes, expiration date, file attachments, custom string fields, and other useful information.
You can import, export and sync data with other files and databases.
In this way you can backup your information with ease.
KeePass Video Guide

With X-KeePass Password Safe you can also quickly add TAN and HOTP/TOTP numbers to your login info.
It can also generate passwords and password lists and import them to the database.
Finally it offers a search function for when dealing with a large amount of information in your database.
All in all, X-KeePass Password Safe is a good choice for keeping your passkeys private.

Rating: 8.0/10 (1 vote cast)

It is free! What is it?

X-KeePass Password Safe is a great way to keep track of all your usernames and passwords.
It can import files and databases.
It can generate passwords and password lists, add TAN and HOTP/TOTP numbers to your login info, and import them to the database.
It offers a search function.

Download: X-KeePass Password Safe (Portable).zip (2.4MB)

How do I get it?

X-KeePass Password Safe is a portable application. This is a version without installation.

Extract the file X-KeePass Password Safe.zip to any location on your hard disk.

Click the executable file to start it.

When it is launched, press F9 to switch to the Advanced view.

Click the menu item File/Save/Copy to save the current database (or navigate to the desired location).

Click the menu item File/Export/Export Data to save the current database (or navigate to the desired location).

Click the menu item File/Save As… to save the current database.

The program will now prompt you to select a file name and a location.

Click Finish.

The files you exported are now saved in the specified location.

The program will now automatically close.

Rating: 8.0/10 (1 vote cast)

How do I get it?

X-KeePass Password Safe is a very good tool for storing your login credentials safely.
It allows you to add your TAN and HOTP/TOTP numbers to your username and password, which makes it safer and easier to remember.
It allows you to create databases to


System Requirements For X-KeePass Password Safe:

* Install Windows and the.NET Framework version 4.6

* Install Visual Studio and Tools for Visual Studio from
To support the.NET Framework, a minimum of an Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a clock speed of 2.4 GHz or faster is recommended. We also recommend using a graphics card that supports DirectX 10 or later. The recommended graphics card is a PCI-e card.
* The current Release Notes can be found at
* The current Release Notes can


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