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Can’t install Ubuntu 13.04 on AMD Athlon II Dual Core X2

First time when I try to install Ubuntu 13.04 on my new PC with AMD Athlon II Dual Core X2 I saw this error:
[boot] “The system is booting in insecure mode”

My question is:
Is this normal? I have checked on the internet that there are some people who have the same problem and it seems that it was a problem of the motherboard. Is this the case or it’s not possible to put an AMD Athlon Dual Core X2 in this motherboard?
My motherboard is: ASUS-G71V
Thank you!


That is definitely not normal. Your problem is the PCI-E, it’s too old and the motherboard has just a single PCI-E x16 slot.
Do not try to install Ubuntu, you have no chance. Only upgrade your BIOS or wait for the motherboard to be updated.


Is there a way to send data from a button using an event?

I want to have a button that will send data to a page. This data is saved on the page and changes depending on the data when the data is sent.
Currently, the page just has a blank area that says Sent on it when that button is clicked.


From what I understand, you are expecting one big push, and that’s fine.
If you want to have a button that sends data in the background for several actions, you can just embed a form in the button. Something like this (I kept your example):

send data


You are looking for Background Tasks which are explained here.

title: “Declarative Enforcement of Legal Restrictions, Data Handling”
ms.date: “03/30/2017”
ms.assetid: 039b4846-42f6-4dff-8e61-bb9a7e3e1f2c

# Declarative Enforcement of Legal Restrictions, Data Handling
Active Directory provides declar


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