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The Virus Database for Protector Plus is an independent antivirus utility designed to help you ensure the integrity of your computer.
When you run the program, you have an option to check for updates. When this option is checked, the program looks for updates to the database. When the update is found, it is downloaded and updated automatically.
The update is always applied as a silent patch. This means that no new process is started when the update is applied.

After the program has been successfully updated, you can of course delete the downloaded file from the temporary folder. The following features are included in the update:

Offline virus database (with the file,

Online virus database (with the file,

Internet virus database (with the file,

Heuristic scan (with the file,

Combined viruses (with the file

The virus database update for Protector Plus does not include any additional functions.

The update is compatible with all versions of the following software:

Win 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP/2003/Vista.

Virus Database Update for Protector Plus User Guide:

1. To download the update, simply double-click on the file (with the green icon) Virus Database Update for Protector Plus.
2. After running the downloaded file, you will be prompted to choose whether to save the file or not.
3. If you want to save the update, save it in a temporary folder.
4. You will be prompted for the installation location. Choose any location that you want.
5. After the update has been successfully installed, you will be prompted to restart your computer.
6. After the program has been restarted, simply restart the antivirus software.

Virus Database Update for Protector Plus Support:

If you have any questions about the software you can reach us at Virus Database Support. We will be pleased to help you.

Before you begin using the software, you should carefully read the following information.

There are two types of the database:
1. Internet database;
2. Offline database.
You can choose either one to update the database.
This file is called This is a zip file with the name of icons. This file will be used to determine which icon should be displayed on your screen.
The file

Virus Database Update For Protector Plus Free Download

If a virus is detected, a macro is activated. This macro automatically activates the virus database and makes some settings (necessary for the database) and then deletes itself.

Unique features:
– Easy
– User friendly
– Maintains its database always up to date
– Safe
– Stable
– Fast
– Dynamic
– Harden your PC
– Unbreakable
– Automatic updates


KASSMARK Description:
Kassmark is a very strong protection system. It offers detailed protection and the most up-to-date anti-virus database.


Unique features:
– Easy
– Stable
– Fast
– Dynamic
– Harden your PC
– Unbreakable

YOUERP Description:
Youerp Antivirus is a strong protection against all known threats. It provides its users with a convenient and comfortable online protection. The antivirus database is updated on a daily basis.


Unique features:
– User friendly
– Easy to use
– Protective
– Safe
– Fast
– Dynamic
– Accurate detection of viruses
– Quick detection
– Portable – small size
– Security – protection from viruses and spyware
– Password protection
– Automatic updates

PARDIFF Description:
A fast and stable antivirus program for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000.


Unique features:
– Easily works with all Windows systems
– Runs on system startup
– Flexible program configuration
– Easy operation
– Free of charge
– Protects PC from all known viruses
– Support for most antivirus programs
– Stable
– Simple installation

PROTECTOR Description:
Protect your PC in the most stable and efficient way.


Unique features:
– Easy
– User friendly
– Safe
– Stable
– Fast
– Dynamic
– Harden your PC
– Unbreakable
– Automatic updates

FLARE GUI Description:
Flare is an easy to use tool. Flare is a virus remover, virus checker, program monitor, internet security tool and general protection program.


Unique features:
– Easy to use
– Allows you to start the program even if you are offline
– Allows you to hide system tray icons

Virus Database Update For Protector Plus

This virus database is an executable file. When it is opened with the Antivirus Console, the executable file is loaded and the virus definitions are displayed.
This update of the Virus Database is automatically installed.
If the virus definitions are not updated, please restart the computer and ensure that the virus definitions are updated.

Programming Error

Programming error appears when this program is activated.

Antivirus Console

Use the Antivirus Console to update the virus definitions.
To do this, go to ‘Programs -> Virus Database -> Virus Definitions’ and click on ‘Open’ to open the Virus Database.
At the end of the virus definition file is a clickable button: ‘Update’

First click on ‘Update’ to display the virus definitions to be loaded.

If there is a programming error, the program will display an error message.

Please do not report a programming error as a virus attack. This can be done by submitting a Technical support request. FILED


What’s New in the?

This application is a Virus Database of the Antivirus tool “Protector Plus”.

This Virus Database contains information about all viruses found by the Protector Plus antispyware tool.

The information provided by this application can be displayed as a list of detected viruses, and also in a graphic form, showing the database entries in a tree-like structure.

During the update procedure a certain amount of information can be updated (text in menus, screen appearance).

To update the Database run the file UpdateDb.exe from the program folder and follow the on-screen instructions.

Help and information about the application and the way it works can be found in the program help file.

Protector Plus is a light antispyware tool that provides real-time scanning and removal of malware found by the program. Protector Plus has been designed specifically to be lightweight and easy to use.

With Protector Plus you can also quickly restore your computer to the clean state it was in before infection.

Protector Plus offers the following functionality:

Protection against malicious programs


Fast and effective protection against malware and program attacks

Detection of malware in real time

High speed scanning engine with heuristics for high quality detection of malware

Protection of data privacy

Control over third-party software

Reactivation of computer systems to a clean state

Protection of your privacy by disconnecting your Internet session after a fixed time period

The program’s interface is very intuitive.

Protector Plus shows the infections that were found by the antispyware program in real time. The list can be sorted by the type of infection, the detected software, the total size of detected software, or by the time the infection was found.

Protector Plus has the ability to schedule a restart to a clean state after a set time period. After a scheduled time has passed, the program will automatically disconnect the Internet session. All files and data belonging to the infected programs are deleted, and the computer will be returned to its initial state.

All the functionality of Protector Plus is fully managed from the toolbar (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: The Protector Plus toolbar.

The menu on the toolbar shows some of the programs and actions that can be performed by Protector Plus.

The toolbar menu is divided into four parts:

Protector Plus main menu

Windows Explorer menu

Software menu

Log menu

Protector Plus main menu

The main menu of the program contains several frequently used options. Most of them are available directly from the toolbar menu.

The most important options are:

Start: Starts the antispyware program.

Stop: Stops the program.

Check For Updates: Starts the program checking for updates.

Reset Protection: Restores!NEW!!!!INSTALL!!-Crack.rar

System Requirements:

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