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There are countless ways of automating daily tasks in order to free up time and improve productivity. A way to do so is by using Run If Exists.
A quick way to remotely start tasks
It’s a lightweight tool that can run scripts and applications on your computer, over a network and even using file sharing services such as Dropbox. All it needs is for you to provide it with the script or app to run and the start file that triggers the entire process.
The interface is straightforward and makes the entire process that much easier. To set up a future automated task, you first have to select the location of the script or application that does all the work. Afterwards, you need to set the path of the startfile. This is what activates the script and sets the process in motion and it has to be in the same place as the script or app.
Support for multiple scripts and isntances
With both the paths set, you then activate the Run If Exists instance. When a document is copied to the folder where the script is located and that filename matches that which you set as the startfile, then the script runs and the file is deleted.
You can also run multiple instances of the application, increasing the number tasks you can automate. In order to do so, they need to be in different working folders. This fact makes Run If Exists a very helpful took in the office space. With it employees can drop documents and have them automatically converted or emailed. The number of uses for Run If Exists is in fact limited by your creativity.
Since Run If Exists uses so little system resources, running multiple instances shouldn't slow down computer performance but you need to be aware that the scripts and applications you use could have that effect.
A few last words
In closing, a little tool such as Run If Exists can definitely make a difference in your workflow you just need to find the right angle for its use.







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Run If Exists is a Linux application that allows you to automate tasks. It consists of a script, that should be in the same folder as the application you want to run or a.exe. The script can be anywhere on your computer. The application/script is only launched when a certain condition is met, like when a document is copied to a certain folder.

After installation you need to decide which script or application you want to use.
The Script/App Path

It should be in the same folder as the application/script you want to automate, so you should have the path set like this:

If you do not have the path set yet, just do so in step 4.
The Startfile

The name of the file that triggers the application/script.

When you are done, just click “Run”. It will then start the application/script.
The Schedule

You can choose one of three different settings to set up the applications and scripts to run.
You can choose between Run daily, weekly, monthly or once a year.
Run On last file modified
This will only run when you add a new file to a folder.
Run On last file copied
This will run when you copy a file to a folder.
Exiting Scripts and Applications
If you want to use the application/script in a folder, you must set that folder as “Exiting” so the application/script will quit when the task is done.
You can subscribe to an RSS feed of the applications and scripts that you use.
You can use the RSS feed option to make sure that you do not have to manually change the path of the startfile.
You will need to add the rss feed address in the option “Subscribe to:” in step 2.

The Most Ingenious Use of Run If Exists

Remote working is something that has become more common over the last few years. This is mainly down to the benefits that it brings and all the advantages it has over working in a traditional office space. That being said, one of the most difficult parts of remote working is dealing with documents.
The main problem is that any document that is important or confidential is usually being stored on the client’s computer. To be fair, there are ways around this, such as encrypting the documents that need to be transmitted

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Keymacro is a lightweight desktop application that runs your macros in the background without any user intervention. These macros are pre-set and can be selected in the application via the macro list.
Keymacro can run macros created by itself, macros in AutoHotKey files (.ahk), macros in Visual Basic.NET files (.vb) or macros in Microsoft Access databases (.mdb)
Keymacro is a simple tool that works with Windows and Office. It has the ability to set macros in files in many languages, like:.ahk,.vb and.mdb. You can even add macros to files in Microsoft Office Open XML formats (.docx,.xlsx,.pptx,.xlsm).
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– Run macros in the background of a program.
– You can configure keymacro to start on a specific file extension, directory or on an application
– You can configure keymacro to display a message before running the macros.
– You can configure keymacro to run macros only at the end of a session.
– You can send the macro output directly to a Clipboard via an external program such as Notepad or Post-it.
– You can create macros in the application via an easy interface.
– This program does not depend on any AutoHotKey or Visual Basic Runtime Library.
– Macros and VB scripts can be created in any combination.
– Create macros to run on multiple files in different formats (.mdb,.docx,.xlsx,.pptx,.xlsm)
– The application is completely free and can be used with all Office formats.
– Now compatible with Windows 8 and the latest Windows Server 2016.
Keymacro is designed to run macros in MS Office and OpenOffice. We have several macros that can help you in your daily tasks, and you can modify your macros to fit your needs.
– You can modify your macros. It’s easy

Run If Exists Crack Download

Run If Exists Description:
Run If Exists…

In the previous version of Windows we had the task scheduler. However, starting with the new operating system the Windows 10 Task Scheduler is no longer present. Many users will like this, but for those that rely on a Windows scheduler, we have come up with a replacement for it, Run if exists.
Run if exists is a powerful new replacement for the task scheduler that will allow you to schedule regular tasks that are easy to run automatically, based on files found on your PC. This task scheduler is easy to set up and use, and it can be fully customized with the users own choices.
Run if exists Description:
Run if exists Description:
Run if exists…

Keep your pets happy with Run if exists.
Run if exists is a powerful, user-friendly program that runs many of your favorite Windows apps (from Microsoft Office to games and photo viewers) and many other popular applications. These apps are scheduled to run on your computer at predetermined times and using Run if exists.
For example, you can set a program to run if a particular file is found on your PC. Your file may be a document or other file that you want to open automatically when you log into your computer. The setup is very easy. Just choose the application you want to run and the file that you want to check for. Afterwards, use the program to activate the process and you are all set.
Use of Run if exists for day to day life is simple as well. You can set up a recurring application to be automatically run every morning. It doesn’t matter if you are on the road, running out of the house on the way to work or just have an important task to take care of before a deadline. You can do it all from anywhere.
Run if exists also works with other programs, not just with Windows applications. It can work with almost any kind of files. It can even be used to open files in external programs that don’t yet have the option of running when a file is opened.
All the details
Not all programs are the same when it comes to how they open new files. For some programs, this works just fine, but for others, it takes some work to get the program to work properly. With Run if exists, this is no longer a problem. The program supports all programs that can be set up to open a new file in a particular location. No matter what

What’s New In?

Run If Exists is an easy-to-use tool that can run scripts and applications on your computer, over a network and even using file sharing services like Dropbox. It needs to be in the same place as the script or app that does all the work so it only copies it to the right spot.
At start, you select the location of the script or app that does all the work. Afterwards, you need to set the path of the startfile. It will run the script and delete the file once the match has been made. It supports multiple instances of the app and you can even provide the script with parameters so you can vary the tasks.
Have a look at our review of the second version of Run If Exists for more information and for screenshots.

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System Requirements For Run If Exists:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Processor: Core 2 Duo or faster
Core 2 Duo or faster RAM: 2 GB RAM
2 GB RAM Graphics: Minimum: DirectX9-compatible graphics card with Shader Model 2.0

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