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AnsiC99 is an obsolete standard for C. Its implementation was added to GCC for backwards compatibility in 1998 (see here), but it was removed from GCC in 2009. It is highly unlikely that it’s still in any current implementation.
The left column shows which standards those newlines and whitespaces comply to. But the right one shows if a line is valid for C or for AnsiC99.

A major change coming to the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh next year is that students will be able to graduate with a high school diploma in just six months rather than the current two-year program.

The City of Fox Valley is planning to replace the old Super 8 motel at 450 W. Ashland Ave. with a two-story, full-service hotel with 150 to 175 rooms and restaurant.

Officials with the Wisconsin State Fair Park Board at their Aug. 23 meeting received public input on the construction of a new $2 million exhibit building at the state fairgrounds in Oshkosh.

Chuck Halverson, executive director of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. in Oshkosh, stood before the state fair board and recommended the state sell the second floor of the old Arne Carlson Exhibit Hall, at Wisconsin and Waupun roads.

The 2018 Oshkosh Area Chamber of Commerce General Meeting was held at the Village Center on July 11. The meeting was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce President and Chief Executive Officer, Brent Claassen, and Village President and Board member, Mike Damewood.All Events

We have the largest selection of fun for kids of all ages. If we didn’t have it, you won’t find it anywhere.

The kids and teenagers can enjoy ‘Games Day’ with a themed approach, and indulge in a wide variety of age-appropriate activities. Enjoy the ever-popular ‘Jump on a Trampoline’ area – with water and half-size trampolines. Join us in the Ultimate Sports Zone, where there are several sporting options to try, including basketball, netball, wiffleball, volleyball, football, rounders, tennis and more. For older kids, there are pool tables in the centre of our large activity zone, next to the sports zone, for a cold drink and an hour of fun.

There’s a huge variety of ride and activities for older kids, and the coolest thing you could ever do

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In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful….I am hereby pleased to transmit a certificate-___… I hope that you all are well and I pray to God to make your health good…. Alleluia…
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