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The mission statement of the National Museum of the Marine Corps is to preserve
and foster the Marine Corps’ heritage in the areas of military history, military
art, and military culture through exhibits, educational programs, and research.
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The Military History Institute in New Haven, Connecticut. This facility,
built in 2001, provides an important research center dedicated to the history of
the Marine Corps. Today, the museum exhibits an assortment of historical Marine
trophies, uniforms, and documents.
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The museum maintains its own library of more than 15,000 items covering the
entire span of Marine Corps history, from the pre-Civil War period to the
present. These books are made available to Marine Corps historians and other

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Since 1932, the leatherneck has a tradition of putting a patch on their uniforms
on Memorial Day. In the early days of the Battle of Tarawa, for example, the
lone Marine on Tarawa Island wore a 7 x 7 inch battle ensign with the name of
his regiment and his name embossed on it.

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