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Annie Bernhardt (born February 17, 1991) is a German fashion model. She was named the “Face of Chanel” in 2011 and has walked the runway for Chanel and Dior, among other brands. Her runway debut was in New York in the fall of 2011, at the Fashion Week show of French brand Chloé. She is a regular face on the cover of international magazines including Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, Vogue Germany, Harper’s Bazaar Spain, Lucky, Marie Claire, Flair and Numéro. She has been named “Model of the Year” and “Top Model” and in 2011, she was named Glamour”’s “Woman of the Year”.

Early life
Annie Bernhardt was born in Berlin, Germany on February 17, 1991. She is of German and French-Canadian descent. She grew up in a German-speaking family.


Early life and career beginnings
Annie Bernhardt started modeling in 2007 and soon caught the attention of the German editor in chief of Her World magazine, Hans-Ulrich Klose. He encouraged Annie to move to Paris and audition for the Elite Model Look reality television show. She was the only contestant in her age group who survived the casting process, but lost out on the final round to Corinne Diacre.

Breakthrough and success (2008–present)
In 2010, she appeared in the “It Girl” campaign by K-Hole and Top Model. The same year, she was announced as the face of Balmain for Autumn/Winter 2010/2011.
In February 2011, Annie was named one of the faces of the fall 2011 Chanel collection, and in November 2011


Four or five days later a flight from palma de mallorca to mumbai is comatose.. i worked for you hayley preston harris is lusty thiese.. The early, darker, and more complete versions of the story here:.
Well, actually, I did not have any preservatives in the air. The big, double chambered incubators were getting warm, too. But the people in the lab behind me were still working away, manipulating chemicals in the sealed containers they had come to take out and add to each chamber of liquid nitrogen.. And many other people, in many other labs, were doing the same, at the same time.. we’d keep the egg in our hands, and watch it slowly get cold.. And we’d try to keep ourselves from sipping too often on these tiny slivers of soda.. The pale, round globules were still pretty colorful, but they were getting brighter as the day went on.. And the fragile little yolks, mottled pink and ivory, were getting whiter and thinner.. The egg was getting colder, and getting smaller..
Landsat 7 airborne looking back over Patagonia.. A holiday to Sardinia, I jumped from my chair, turned round to grab my bag, and tripped over my bed.. And saw the remaining “batch” of eggs was beginning to melt as the dark liquid inside it spilled into the bright liquid which had been its surroundings.. I quickly grabbed them, and carried them to the sink, dumped what was left in them on the clean counter, and stared at the mess.. Sitting there, I felt very guilty.. I took one of the bottles and turned it over, so the liquid was on top of the glass.. And just then, the phone rang, a summons back to the lab.
And I was old news.. Instead, I came back to my university job, and to my life, having started the past two months down another path, caught up in something new.. And the news came to me first, in the fall of 2004.. All of a sudden, a stunning memory came back to me.. The memory was of a gentle, if slightly dour, man in a sand colored jumpsuit sitting on a chair in a. His face was solemn as he looked from me to the egg, and to the sink that I had used to dispose of it..


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