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That doesn’t mean that casual sex is an all-out bacchanalia. One problem that some people might run into when having casual sex is how to keep the experience honest. This is why it’s essential to be in a relationship (or a committed long-term relationship), when having casual sex.

In this context, “casual sex” might be having sex with someone you don’t particularly like or whom you wouldn’t otherwise choose to have a relationship with. This could be a drunk date or a hookup at a bar. It could be a sexual encounter with a person who will ultimately play a crucial role in your life (whether that’s a roommate, a colleague or a friend).

While many people have casual sex while dating or right after splitting from a significant other, that does not mean that casual sex is a bad thing. But for those who have tried casual sex and fallen in love, they know that the overall experience can be quite different from how things are when dating.

What is casual sex?
Relationship expert Linda Frum says that the difference between casual sex and dating is not in whether you like the person. She believes casual sex is only a bad thing if you’re looking to get off, and not get involved. This doesn’t mean she is dismissing the whole idea of casual sex. It just means that you’re getting yourself off for pleasure, and not necessarily getting involved with someone (or anything else).

What are the different types of casual sex?
The idea behind casual sex can be divided into three categories:

I don’t have sex because I’m not in a relationship and can’t have sex with that person as they are my regular partner.
The same applies for people who are currently in a relationship (or intend to be one at some point). If you’re in a relationship, it makes perfect sense to have sex with your current partner. Otherwise it’s going to be a scary experience.
I don’t have sex because I don’t want to have sex with my regular partner anymore.
Though the ultimate reason for this could be because you’re tired of the person. But more likely, it will be because you don’t want to have sex or have sex with that person any more.
I don’t have sex because it’s not my thing.
For example, if you’re into heavy metal music, it’s probably not a good idea to randomly hook up with someone who loves hardcore techno music.
I don’t have sex because
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Not really. Casual sex isn’t a magical fix that makes life all better, nor is it a convenient substitute for long-term, loving relationships. I’ve been with my husband for four years now, but we met through an arranged marriage setting. My first serious relationship wasn’t until I was 27; only then did I find a guy who really spoke to me, took me seriously, and was more than “just a friend.”

However, as something of a feminist in many ways, I was hesitant to dive headfirst into a new relationship because dating at that time meant meeting someone from your state or city. The whole thing had a very creepy, “I’m just after you for your body and/or future child, so I need to get to know you” undercurrent to it. Even with a guy I really liked, I was hesitant to introduce him to my then-boyfriend because I was worried about his reaction. If I was seen as a horrible person for being friends with more than one guy, then I didn’t want to be seen as a horrible person by my (as of this writing) ex-boyfriend.

Turns out, both men were very happy about my casual dating choices. In fact, my ex-boyfriend was more than happy about it, and it’s because I met the man who is my husband through casual sex and dating apps.

Casual sex can be a path toward fulfilling relationships.
I liked Eddie Izzard’s idea of the “Total Slut” — someone who pretty much lets herself be sexually assaulted. Only it’s mutual consent and genuine pleasure.

Where else can it take you
It can take you anywhere you want, and that’s one of the dangers. All it really requires is a little knowledge of yourself. One issue here is that if you’re not familiar with how to be sexual in bed, it’s hard to know what to do. It’s all about experimentation and familiarizing yourself with your body.

How to know you’re done
At the heart of it, sex is intimate and personal. If you’re not enjoying yourself and are only having sex because you think you “should” have sex, then you’re likely to know when it’s over. You won’t want to do it again.

I’ve been with my husband for four years now, but we met through an arranged marriage setting. My first serious relationship wasn’t

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