Easybox 904 Firmware 307 📛

Easybox 904 Firmware 307 📛


Easybox 904 Firmware 307

also i would like to know whether the glon board with an oled screen is available. i know only “real” “brick” devices have oled, but somehow it looks like the price difference is not that big, but i am afraid this is not the case. the difference is in manufacturing costs. i do not want to spend extra money for a different one.

since the board is based on a x86 processor, i would guess that any board with a arm processor (e.g. a ti or other small chip) will function as well. i know that the mobile chip manufacturers are already shipping arm processors, so it should not be that hard to convince them to provide boards and drivers for these chips. if ti, paragon or some other company would manage to get hold of a sufficient number of these small, cheap arm boards, they would be able to produce a complete set of tablets which would serve as “brick” replacements for the current hardware.

since the 904 has various sensors on board, it is also conceivable that some of these would be included in a future hardware revision. for example, a heart rate monitor, an accelerometer and a barometric altimeter are available on the higher end models, but there is no barometric altimeter on the lower end models. the cheap models have a barometer only, not a heart rate monitor.

such sensors would be rather easy to include in a future device. since most of the display features are handled by a standard oled screen, it should be possible to create something similar for the 904.

it could be really nice if garmin would reduce the price of their device as well. even with the gps module removed, the price of the 904 is still about 1.000 usd with dealer discounts, which seems quite a lot for a watch that does nothing more than show time and date and can not receive data from gps satellites.

pair via the network name (ssid) of your vodafone dsl-easybox 802 router on the pc or phone that connects to the router. click the wifi security buttons if needed. click the wifi name again if needed. enter the wifi password if needed. if pairing is successful, you should hear a beep from the vodafone dsl-easybox 802 router, and youll see a prompt on your pc or phone requesting that you reconnect.
there is also a quick access button on your keyboard. sometimes you have to press it twice before it will reconnect. there is also a “forgotten password” button on your phone that you can use to reset your wifi password in case it has been forgotten. if you dont use a password, then its a bit different.
the connecting dialog should appear on your pc. just click accept and when prompted on the phone, accept when prompted. a message should appear on the phone. if your message says “disconnecting” your connection will be broken. the phone will not attempt to reconnect.
hopefully, now that you have completed the first steps of this firmware installation, you have completed the process. now you can turn on your vodafone dsl-easybox 802 router. you can also set your clock and timezone. the gps should work for a little bit, but do not run any sort of test to gauge your performance at this time.
if you have any problems, this is a good time to call your service provider. its definitely not their fault and a firmware issue is well within the realm of their expertise. gps performance will increase over time as your device sees more signal strength, and provide a more accurate location. lastly, if you have any other problems or changes or questions, just keep an eye out for the replies on this thread or try to catch me on twitter if i am not available. i am generally around midday on weekends and not on nights during the week.


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