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download mover is a very simple Windows application developed to automatically move user-defined formats from one folder to another.
The application was designed to help users who download multiple file formats and want to easily organize the download folder, so it can automatically move specific formats to another target directory.
There’s nothing that could get you too much trouble because the GUI is actually plain and simple, with only a few clicks required to set it up.
You are initially prompted for a folder to be monitored, the target extension and the output folder, while the bottom of the main window allows you to choose the interval to automatically check for new files.
In addition, the program can display a notification window whenever some new items are moved to the target folder, but there’s no option to configure these messages.
The good thing is that download mover remains very light on hardware resources and doesn’t affect system performance in any way, running smoothly on every Windows version out there.
Administrator privileges are however needed on Windows 7 workstations in case you wish to transfer the downloaded files to a system protected folder. There’s no option to start it with Windows whatsoever, so you need to launch the app manually every time.
Simply put, download mover is the kind of app that can help a handful of users keep things organized in their download folder, offering just a minimal GUI and basic options to help them in this regard. A “readme” document in also included in the archive, just in case you need more information on a specific built-in feature.
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On Steam
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Check the “Windows Task Manager” task in your system for MAC Address(es) of your Keyboard. (e.g. “KM-A3A8.0” “KM-A3A8.1” and so on.)
By default, the default MAC Address is “00:00:00:00:00:00”.

Use this for detecting or changing your keys.
You can change the default MAC Address or create a new one to set a different button, function or command.
KeyMACRO may also be found at or you can get the latest version free from this link.
KeyMACRO Features:
* Change MAC Address of Keyboard
* New KEYMACRO version 7.12
* Added new KeyMACRO logo
* New Windows Button Layout like in Windows 7
* New Windows Default MAC Address
* Keyboard MAC Address List
* Enter Old Keyboard MAC Address
* Enter New Keyboard MAC Address
* How to Create a New MAC Address
* Detect a Keyboard MAC Address with Special Command
* HotKeys List
* Scan Keyboard MAC Address
* Self-updater for Microsoft Windows
* Windows Button Layout Change Tool
* Windows Default MAC Address Change Tool
* Changing Windows Default MAC Address
* Added New Keyboard Button & Hotkeys
KeyMACRO Homepage:
KeyMACRO download:
KeyMACRO file info:
KeyMACRO changelog:
* Added new KeyMACRO logo
* Added new Windows Button Layout like in Windows 7
* Added new Windows Default MAC Address
* Keyboard MAC Address List
* Enter Old Keyboard MAC Address
* Enter New Keyboard MAC Address
* How to Create a New MAC Address
* Detect a Keyboard MAC Address with Special Command
* HotKeys List
* Scan Keyboard MAC Address

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2. Tool to automatically move downloaded files to a target directory
3. Automatically move any downloaded file that matches the specified extension
4. Command line parameter(s): -f, -o, -t
5. Support all types of files
6. Supports all types of networks
7. Multiplatform, Works on Windows, Mac, Linux
8. Contribution:
9. Demo of the program:
Download the demo here:
Got any issues? Then go ahead and open an issue on GitHub, that’s the preferred way to report issues, rather than posting on reddit. Make sure to include all information (build-version, operating system, file you were trying to move, etc.)
Things you should know:
Use the git command from a terminal:
1. git remote add maniacaltrash
2. git push maniacaltrash master
Download mover is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
See the LICENSE file for more details on licensing.
You can contact me via
I have no relation to the developers whatsoever. I have just created this program for my own use, so it might contain bugs. So use it at your own risk.
This program is created by maniacaltrash, so feel free to contact him via:

More about maniacaltrash:

What’s New in the Download Mover?

This application uses a low quality audio engine by default, but you can change this for a better sound experience.
Chrome X64 is the default browser, which works on all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows (7, 8, 8.1, and 10), and can be installed by any method as long as it doesn’t require the Internet Connection Wizard.
An alternative to windows download manager, winzip, the cd mp3 and video file manager, winrar, the video file viewer, and many other useful and free tools are included in this freeware software.
This collection of tools was created with a simple interface, and is perfect for most users who simply want to manage their downloads in a safe way, without spending too much time on the way.
Besides, it features a built-in web browser that can display most pages, and upload files directly to the site in question.
From file splitting to file merging, email client, archive manager, file downloader, all those features are available in this download manager.
You can also pause and resume the download, and quickly change the quality of the audio engine.
It’s perfect for every operating system, including all editions of Windows from XP to Windows 10.
WinRAR is a well-known archiver, and this is the only version we will include in this freeware software, although it can be disabled with a simple click.
This archiver is perfect for all file types, and is the perfect choice for general users.
Before you can download it, you need to choose your operating system, select your language, and then the file name and size.
This is an essential program for all users who are looking for a simple and useful tool, and can be downloaded for free.

Advanced Transfer Manager is a cross-platform download manager that offers lots of advanced features, including resuming, changing the quality of your audio engine, and much more.
This download manager can also be used to move images and videos, and supports all major formats.
The application features an advanced interface, and while it doesn’t require much resources, it comes with a powerful search engine that can handle large collections of files.
Advanced Transfer Manager supports two simultaneous transfers, and has a built-in Web browser that allows you to open all URLs with a single click, as well as upload files.
The program also allows you to pause and resume any active download at any time, and resume it right from where you left off.
You can easily resume any active downloads, and the result is a successful download of the desired file.
Advanced Transfer Manager provides many advanced features, which are all easy to find thanks to its simple and well-organized interface.
The program comes with a help file, and supports all major operating systems, including Windows 10.
Your download manager has[latest-[top

System Requirements For Download Mover:

-Dependency: Java version 8 or above
-Other Dependencies: Java OpenGL 3D API, Visual3D SDK
-Required: Windows
-Configure: Browsers: In Flash CS6 (on Windows), go to the Tools/Options/Flash and set the `swf.hint.displayAuthoringInfo` to `true` and set the `desktopconfig.showDesktopAuthoringInfo` to `true`. When you are done, you can run `ctrace.exe` again.

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