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When you are in charge with managing a firm dealing with repairing phones, you need to do your best to make sure your customers and your employees are all happy with your services.
DilexPR is one of the applications you can use to keep a detailed inventory of all the products that need to be repaired or which feature parts that need to be replaced, while also creating a database of your personnel.
Handy app tailored especially for phone repair firms
There are many utilities that come in handy to business owners, yet what sets DilexPR aside from all of them is that it is dedicated to phone repair firms. However, you might encounter some difficulties when creating the initial database since the captions for some of the fields are rather confusing.
DilexPR allows you to create detailed lists with technical details about the phones that your clients want you to repair, while also mentioning the faulty part or the amount already paid by the client.
Log the IMEI,CID, SN or Model ID for each device you manage
When you want to add a new record to your phone database, DilexPR allows you to enter a wide range of details for each phone, so as to make it easy to identify it at a later time.
More precisely, you can log data such as IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), SN (Serial Number), CID (Caller ID), warranty status ID or SN (serial number). Additionally, you can also keep track of the employee who was assigned with each repair job, and make sure they complete their tasks in due time.
A straightforward app for tracking phone repairs
All in all, DilexPR comes in handy to all those who value their customers and want to ensure their phones get repaired in a timely manner.
Not only can you keep an inventory regarding all the info pertaining to each handset, but you can also track the amount of money you were paid for each job, the delivery date or the replaced parts, all with as little hassle as possible.







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The award winning Dilex PR is here for your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android. Set up the service for any phone number in the world and get a free email reminder when your service is due. Add services, track arrivals, reserve a repair slot, offer a free next day or next hour repair and make sure that your customers are always happy. Service your customers from anywhere in the world with Dilex PR.

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DilexPR Download [Win/Mac]

• Record maintenance and repair orders.
• Create detailed technical descriptions.
• Generate invoices for the repair costs.
• View current status of orders.
• Manage repair contacts.
• Access repair order by date, location, user, or phone number.
• View pending repair orders.
• View the maintenance and repair history of the device.
• Track callers and contacts on the repair orders.
• Use maintenance, repair, and services codes for devices.
• Record serial numbers and identifiers.
• Log repair status for repair orders.
• Print device schematics.
• Access repair orders and repair contacts by SN or SN or CID or SN or IMEI.
• Record SN and CID information on repairs.
• Add warranty cards for device.
• View warranty status of device.
• View repair history by device.
• Save repair orders.
• View and print reports for repair status.
• View device inventory lists and records of warranties.
• Create inventory lists and reports.
• View contact information.
• View order details for devices.
• View repair orders by date, location, user, or phone number.
• View pending repair orders.
• View contact information and addresses.
• View and export repair orders.
• View repair contact information.
• View and export repair contact information.
• Print contact lists.
• Manage repair orders by SN or CID or SN or IMEI.
• View and export repair orders by SN or CID or SN or IMEI.
• View and export repair orders by user or repair code.
• View and export repair orders by repair code.
• Manage repair orders by date, location, user, or phone number.
• View and export repair orders by date, location, user, or phone number.
• View and export repair orders by location.
• View repair contact information.
• Save repair contact information.
• View and export repair contact information.
• View device and contact lists.
• Print contact lists.
• View and export repair orders by SN or CID or SN or IMEI.
• View and export repair orders by SN or CID or SN or IMEI.
• View and export repair orders by repair code.
• View and export repair orders by repair code.
• View and export repair orders by user.
• View and export repair

What’s New in the DilexPR?

DilexPR is a paid application that helps you track and manage phones used by your clients. Its simple interface allows you to get information about the jobs currently in progress and also allow you to access the database of your employees so as to monitor how they are doing and whether they are following your instructions. It’s easy to add new clients and even to update existing ones so you won’t miss a single repair job anymore.

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]]>A mobile app or an application is a file that can be utilized on a smartphone or tablet without the requirement for the computer. This is because a mobile app is a highly sophisticated form of programming that can be utilized to create a wide range of advanced features. Mobile apps can be designed to help your business run in a manner that can be advantageous to you. A mobile app is more efficient and useful than a website because your clients can carry on using them instead of needing to open their laptop or smartphone for many tasks.

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System Requirements For DilexPR:

Mac OSX 10.8.x or higher
2GB of RAM
Core 2 Duo
NVIDIA GeForce 9500 or ATI Radeon HD 3470
4 GB of Hard Disk space
Internet Explorer 8 or higher
60 unique, hand crafted levels
Oculus Rift support
Enemies drop boxes
Gravity feels right
4 exclusive weapons
Watch the video and get a tour of the game below.
Game Info:


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