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Managing databases is no easy task, but fortunately, things can become a lot easier with the help of software solutions for organizing and managing them. One such piece of software is Database Tour, a comprehensive report builder and database manager that provides you with a lightweight set of powerful tools for the job.
Assuming the proper database engines are installed, you should know that the utility comes with support for a wide array of database types, namely dBase, Paradox, CSV, Interbase, Firebird, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Oracle and SQL Server.
Looks exactly how you think an SQL editor should look like
In terms of appearance, let us just say that there are no surprises. The application looks like most other utilities of this sort without elements that could visually impress.
Its interface is clear-cut and quite intuitive, but the buttons and some elements feel and look like they would be more suited on Windows versions from more than ten years ago.
Packs a large set of useful SQL and reporting tools
Besides accessing various databases, the utility enables you to browse tables, edit data, search and replace text within the database, as well as import data from queries and export it to CSV, HTML, XLS, XML, RTF and DBF.
As expected from a tool of this sort, Database Tour also comes with support for basic command line, execution of SQL queries and scripts, syntax highlighting and parameterized SQL queries.
You can also create, delete and modify BDE aliases, copy data to clipboard, calculate numeric fields, batch edit text fields, filter data, reindex tables and control the transactions manually.
In addition, you are provided with the possibility to export the SQL history to HTML and RTF, as well as customize the fonts and backgrounds for the data view.
Not the best database management tool out there, but quite powerful for most situations
Taking all of the above into consideration, with a convenient workflow and a light set of SQL and reporting tools, Database Tour is a comprehensive software solution for database management that gets the job done without over-complicating things.
This said, at a basic level, the application sacrifices its potential performance for accessibility and brings nothing new to the table in terms of features. For experienced users this might not be the best thing, but for most individuals out there, it might just prove to be sufficient for their needs.









Database Tour [Win/Mac]

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

Access various databases with ease

Manage and create reports

Import and export data with different formats

Batch edit text fields

Create, delete and modify BDE aliases

Copy data to clipboard

Filter data

Reindex tables and control transactions

Customize the appearance and tools

Support for basic command line

SQL and scripts editing

Syntax highlighting

Parameterized SQL queries

Export history to HTML and RTF

Customize fonts and backgrounds

Key Features:

Edit data and reports in SQL

Create reports in PDF, HTML, XLS, XML, CSV, DBF and more

Import data from SQL or queries in CSV and DBF formats

Export data to XML, CSV, HTML, XLS, PDF and more

Create, delete and modify BDE aliases

Copy data to clipboard

Filter data

Create, delete and modify indexes

Manage tables and the transactions manually

Display the history of queries

Search and replace text within tables and queries

Batch edit text fields

Batch edit tables

Generate and customize a report template

Customize toolbars and interface

Export history to HTML and RTF

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Database Tour Crack+

Create any kind of database you want
Edit, search and replace data
Import and export data in different formats
Browse tables, query them, search and replace text
Import/export data to databases from queries and database dumps
Examine table structure and its data
Generate dynamic SQL statements
Export all data to CSV or HTML
Create and view aliases
Execute queries and scripts
Search and replace text
Export data to XLS or XML
Add new indexes
View data history
Customize data views and fonts and backgrounds
Add a background to your SQL editor
Create and edit parameterized SQL queries
Find and replace text
Display table structure and data
Export data history to HTML, XLS or RTF
Batch modify data
Advanced features:

Format and compare SQL statements
Modify table structure

Video recording demo:

Database Tour v2.2 Demo Screenshot:

Database Tour Download:

How to install the file:

1 – First download the file to your Desktop.

2 – Run the setup and allow it to continue.

3 – Wait until the installation is finished.

4 – Once done, you can double-click on the database builder.exe file on your desktop to start using it.

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I don’t understand the question. What is your question? If you think about it, what is an SQL editor? Is an SQL editor an IDE or a tool for managing databases? I am not sure what you are asking. You need to explain your question.Q:

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I’m using Notepad++ to clean up a large html document (surprise).
The options are really detailed, but after looking at them I’ve managed to work out how to change a couple of them.
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Some content

What’s New in the Database Tour?

Database Tour is a powerful and lightweight database management tool that lets you create reports from SQL databases.
The software allows you to browse tables and query tables, edit data in the tables and, last but not least, backup and restore databases.
You can also export data to various formats such as CSV, HTML, XLS, XML, RTF and DBF, plus search and replace text in tables.
Apart from basic operations, you can also import data to or from a SQL database, execute SQL commands and scripts, control the transactions manually and work with dBase, Paradox, CSV, Interbase, Firebird, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Database Tour Website:

The complete online version of the software is available for free.
There are no restrictions for the size of the database, as well as no limitations for the number of tables or fields.
You are also free to back up and restore databases for unlimited times.
Database Tour can also be used as a demo version, so you can check out its capabilities before buying.
All of this makes it one of the most popular and simple software solutions for database management.

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