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Is it required to heat the body after decreasing the temperature of the room?

My sister has this habit where she makes her body cold for sometime and then immediately puts her body in the hot room. Is it necessary to heat the body, even the blood while maintaining coldness.


Prolonged exposure to cold creates a danger called Freezing of the Brain, whereby the brain, ears, and nose stop working and you die. Therefore, warm human bodies should not be exposed to prolonged cold for more than 5 minutes.
If the only thing you are concerned with is damage to your own body, I wouldn’t be concerned about this. However, I would suggest that you inform your sister to ensure that she does not create a dangerous situation for her and others.


If a human body is heated quickly, they will automatically increase their body temperature which is meant to be around 37.0 C when oxygen levels are enough. If it’s a kid, they usually don’t have enough blood flow and their body temperature is supposed to be lower than the adults. The peak of nervous system function is usually around 36.5 to 37.0 C. Humans are meant to be warm-blooded animals. A parent can carry a baby in their arms while at the same time, be too hot. The same applies to your sister’s situation, except they are too hot for longer than a few minutes.


Cisco ASA MAC address does not match MAC address of the interface

I have a Cisco ASA 5508 (version 9.2(3)M1(0)) running on an Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS host. For some reason, the MAC address of the interface does not match the MAC address on the Cisco.
The gateway is and the Cisco interface is

GigabitEthernet 2/0/7.961

The gateway is getting the MAC address of the Cisco interface as seen below.
Oct 16 14:36:04 dev-host-1 kernel: wlan0: encapsulation type is

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