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Music making is no longer reserved exclusively to those who can either play an instrument or who have a great voice – one can also create amazing tunes using solely the computer, provided they have the proper application. Such a tool is Cubase, one of the most popular software solutions for composers, vocalists, bands or producers worldwide.
Experts-oriented interface
It needs to be mentioned from the get-go that this application cannot be installed and evaluated unless a license key was previously purchased – also, it is especially created for professionals, as the learning curve could prove to be quite steep for novices.
Musicians can rely on Cubase to create their songs with ease, regardless of the genre they want to approach (the product includes specialized tools, like an MPC-style drum sampler and a step sequencer, along with creative beat mangling tools for generating complicated beats and rhythms).
Use multiple built-in loops and support for several DAWs
They get not only automatic voicing harmonization or composing assistance for their chord sequences, but also countless inspiring instrument sounds and loops that can enhance their tracks even more.
On the other hand, producers and audio engineers can also benefit from the functions of Cubase as the application can seamlessly integrate with various popular DAWs (digital audio workstations), while the guitarists are bound to appreciate the numerous amps, speaker cabinets, classic stomp box effects, or microphone models of the built-in virtual guitar tone.
Harmonize lead vocals and add multiple effects
As long as a vocal recording is available, Cubase can also process, correct or optimize the pitch or timing of the monophonic audio signals, and to harmonize the lead vocals so as to obtain one-of-a-kind choral arrangements.
Reverb, modulation and dynamics effects can also be applied, to ensure the output sounds as clear and as smooth as needed.
Conclusion and performance
As expected, this utility can burden your computer’s performance from time to time and it is recommended that you do not use an older machine. The response time is good, there are a large number of options and our tests did not reveal any errors, freezes or hangs.
Even if it cannot be taken for a spin without a license, Cubase comes with several pricing plans that are meant to meet the budget of its users.







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General Features:

Global Transport Controls:



Formats/Bit Depth:





System Requirements:

Pre-Recorded MIDI tracks:

Number of Tracks:




For those whose musical projects involve vocals, a number of extra features are at your disposal in Cubase.
You have the chance to easily record a clean and clear vocal and it is also possible to apply different types of effects to your vocal sound: reverb, delay, modulation, equalization, and more.
What’s more, there are numerous real-time instruments in the library that you can apply to your vocals to enhance its quality and make it sound real – for instance, it is possible to use digital organs, pianos and guitars, both acoustic and digital, to create a huge range of effects.
Of course, you will need a computer with the appropriate hardware (for instance, a sound card and speakers) as well as a current operating system to get the most out of Cubase.
To learn more about this and other features that will undoubtedly turn your vocal recordings into a masterpiece, the following pages will guide you through the application’s inner workings, and will also explain how to use it to create killer tunes with professional-level results.

Other features include:

4-part multitrack recording

Automated harmonization of chords and basslines

Loop-based editing and sequencing



Freeform recorder

Virtual guitar


General Overview

Cubase is a powerful software solution that can be used by producers, composers and vocalists to create original music using a feature-packed app.
With it, you can easily take a song to the next level by adding a sound-bed, instruments, effects, vocals and other resources that will ultimately bring the track to a high-quality and professional standard.
The best thing is that Cubase also includes a virtual instrument for guitar players that gives them the power to create their own songs using the software without having to buy an electric guitar.
As with most other digital audio workstations (DAWs), Cubase can integrate into a host of digital audio platforms such as FL Studio, Reason, Logic, Pro Tools, etc.

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Combines the powerful Kontakt library and professional-grade 64-bit power with the complete functionality of Cubase – all in one easy-to-use product. Now you can capture, edit, and manipulate your sound using only your mouse and keyboard! KEYMACRO allows you to step up your songwriting with a fully integrated groove engine, the unique KEYMACRO sound library and an unprecedented 128-voice polyphonic engine.
KEYMACRO even includes professional audio multitrack recording, editing, mixing and mastering tools. KEYMACRO’s ease of use, variety of flexible VST/AU/AAX instrument and effect plugins and extensive Sound Engine included in the bundled library will help you create, record and edit your songs. With just a few mouse clicks, you can do it all: create and perform your best song ever, build a world-class master recording, and produce and mix your own tracks.
For the digital music market to keep evolving, there must be new and creative tools to help artists to unleash their creativity and the KEYMACRO VST/AAX Suite will make sure to contribute to the growth of the digital music industry!
Key Features:
• 128-Voice Synthesizer Engine (VST/AU/AAX): 64-bit multi-effect and multi-instrument synthesis engine for creating professional-level music.
• 128-Voice Groove Engine: All-in-one groove engine for real drum grooves, beat pads, and rhythm modules.
• Multi-Track Recording and Editing: Mix your audio on more than one track at once, with fine controls and advanced editing tools.
• Audio Recording: Record and playback mono or stereo audio on any channel.
• Sound Library: Over 2000 royalty-free WAV and AIFF Instruments, Drums, FX, and Textures.
• Integrates into your DAW: Apply effects and other audio processing, or use as a standalone VST, AU, or AAX plugin.
• Save Time: Save time on editing, mixing, mastering, and arranging by using the deep integration with DAWs.
• Undo/Redo: Put your mistakes back and not lose track of the work you have done.
• 32-Bit All-In-One Music Production System: KEYMACRO is a full-featured, professional music production system that will help you create, record, mix and master your songs. The engine features a music production system that delivers 64-

Cubase Pro With License Code Free

Record, edit, mix and master audio with one of the most comprehensive audio applications available. Cubase Pro is designed for working in professional environments such as recording studios, post production facilities and broadcast studios. It offers unparalleled creative control for working with multi-track audio and MIDI and supports professional audio and video workflows. Cubase Pro provides everything you need to record, edit and mix music using a professional level workflow for musicians, DJs, engineers and broadcasters.

Cubase Elements Description:
Cubase Elements gives you a polished, professional sound on a simple, affordable platform. With Cubase Elements, you can record, mix, edit and produce music using one of the world’s most popular DAWs. Load and integrate a wide range of instruments and effects to create professional quality music. Send audio directly to Apple and Android devices for mobile recording. Create your own custom and pre-configured virtual instruments for even more great-sounding music. Easily transform your music with online and offline mixing, and burn CDs and mix CDs.

Cubase Artist Description:
Cubase Artist is a powerful and easy-to-use audio software that allows you to create and perform your own music. It supports Mac and Windows platform and makes it easy for you to record vocals, guitar, bass, drums, piano, etc. Cubase Artist gives you unlimited tracks and unlimited loops to make unlimited music. It helps you to create your own music with different genre, mixing and editing, play back and enjoy. It also allows you to create your own keyboard, and instruments such as piano, drums, strings, etc. On top of that, you can also use it for editing audio, creating music videos, and editing images.

Cubase Platinum Description:
Cubase Platinum is a music production software that delivers a professional level workflow, audio tools and state-of-the-art audio production environment to musicians, sound engineers and producers worldwide. Cubase Platinum offers a complete set of audio production tools to record, edit and mix music for artists and video game producers. Cubase Platinum’s production environment is designed to help you quickly and easily achieve your creative goals by giving you access to all of the features and tools you need.

Cubase Artist Platinum Description:
Cubase Artist Platinum is a powerful and easy-to-use audio software that allows you to create and perform your own music. It supports Mac and Windows platform and makes it easy for you to record vocals, guitar, bass, drums, piano, etc. Cubase

What’s New In?

Cubase 8 is the ultimate digital audio workstation for musicians, composers, producers and engineers. It features a rich set of tools, and the intuitive interface is designed to put professional results at the fingertips of amateur users. Get started with unlimited samples & loops in the Cubase Sample Library – a collection of more than 100 studio-quality instruments, amps, effects, loops and more – all organized in easy-to-use playlists.
When you’re ready to record your ideas, turn on the step sequencer, and build your own songs – quickly and easily. Cubase 8 supports MIDI, MP3, AIFF and WAV input – and all DAW software can be connected via the MIDI port or USB interface. It’s also fully compatible with a wide range of devices, including MP3 players, mobile phones, and smart phones.
Never before has music making been so easy. Cubase 8 does all the work.

?– User-friendly interface
– Work with unlimited samples in the Cubase Sample Library
– Step sequencer
– Undo and redo for quick and easy changes
– Use various virtual instruments
– Work with popular and professional DAWs
– MIDI and USB support
– Create songs quickly and easily
– Connect your mobile device, MP3 player or smart phone
– Select and edit your audio using four audio tools
– Use up to 24 effect sends
– Perform pitch correction and harmonization
– Applying up to 11 additional effects
– Work with up to 16 audio and MIDI tracks
– Multitrack mixing, automation, recording and editing
– Use automation and control on all virtual instruments
– Quickly access a wide range of audio editing tools
– Create a truly unlimited number of new and unique compositions
– Interact with your songs using dynamic tools
– More than 130 inspiring and professional-quality sounds and loops
– MIDI support for guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and more
– Create new songs using the step sequencer
– Supports most popular media file types (MP3, WAV, AIFF)
– Select and edit files using four audio tools
– Add, remove and reorder audio files
– Perform different tasks on multiple media files
– Work with up to 24 effects

System Requirements For Cubase Pro:

OS: Microsoft Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3, AMD Phenom II x4, or faster
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7850 or better
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 8 GB available space
Additional Notes:
– The game is based on the AMD Radeon API but also supports Nvidia GPUs. It is required to use an Nvidia GPU (even if it is an integrated graphics card).
– The game does not support Linux

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