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Nearly every mobile device nowadays is fitted with a powerful camera. As such, your computer sooner or later becomes the resting place for most pictures you take. This is why you might want to look for a way to keep all of them organized, with utilities like cPicture being specialized in this regard, with various ways to find and organize your media collection.
Can be used on the go
A neat advantage of the application is that you don't need to install it on your system, so you can keep it on a removable storage device and use on the go, as well as keep system registries intact. In addition, the office like design makes you quickly get acquainted with its features.
Quickly identify files you need
The overall design allows you to almost instantly reach any part of your computer. This is done through a side panel that displays a list of all folders, while highlighting folders that contain multimedia files, as well as showing the amount ant space they take up.
Furthermore, you can drag a custom selection of pictures over the main window to better organize your albums. Folders can be created so you can arrange pictures your own way. There's also an integrated search engine that, although pretty basic, gets the job properly done.
Poor set of editing options
When it comes to editing, there are only a few options to tackle. The application can be used mostly to index and organize collections, with editing possibilities only allowing you to apply red eye removal, convert to several other formats, generate grayscale or change EXIF data. On the other hand, there's an option to create a shortcut to open files with a custom application so there's a way to bypass the lack of editing options.
A few last words
To sum it up, cPicture is not your average photo viewing and editing applications, mostly targeting specialized images that contain localization data. You quickly get acquainted with the set of features, while identifying files of interest is done in a matter of seconds.







CPicture [2022]

Use cPicture to organize and locate your digital photos. Just drag and drop photos you want to organize into the application’s database, and cPicture will create albums for you.
* NEW: Auto-sort feature automatically sorts photos by location
* NEW: Auto-trash feature removes photos from the database if the user hasn’t edited the photo in the last 24 hours
* NEW: View photos in full screen with no borders
* NEW: Automatically sync the database with your phone or tablet
* NEW: Include custom photo filters on photos, which may make it easier to sort them by date and/or location
* NEW: Now possible to change EXIF data for photos (viewable in the photo’s Properties dialog)
* NEW: Use Ctrl + Ctrl + Delete to remove selected photos from the database
* FIXED: Fixed a bug that would cause photos to be duplicated in the database
* FIXED: Fixed an issue that would cause photos to not be removed from the database if the user had modified them recently
* FIXED: Fixed an issue that could cause the application to crash when adding a large number of photos to the database
* FIXED: Fixed an issue that could cause all the photos in the database to be copied to the device if the device ran out of space while moving a large number of photos into it
* FIXED: Fixed an issue that could cause photos to not be deleted from the database if the user had recently changed the exif data for the photos
* FIXED: Fixed an issue that could cause photos to duplicate if they were added to the database and then removed immediately afterward
* FIXED: Fixed an issue that could cause photos to not be copied into the database if the user had recently deleted the photos
* FIXED: Fixed an issue that caused photos to not be synchronized with the device’s gallery if the device’s gallery had been deleted
* FIXED: Fixed an issue that caused photos to not sync with the device’s gallery if the photos contained special characters that aren’t allowed in the file name
* FIXED: Fixed an issue that caused the contacts to be missing if the user imported a contacts folder to the database
* FIXED: Fixed an issue that caused the application to not work if the device didn’t support reading from SD cards
* FIXED: Fixed an issue that could cause the application to crash if the device’s file manager had been killed while cPicture was removing photos from the device
* FIXED: Fixed an issue


KEYMACRO is a small and fast utility for recording keyboard events. It uses two techniques to record events:
– Every keystroke is recorded and can be saved to file.
– The keystroke frequency is automatically calculated and shown to the user so he can correct the calculation.
Create as many macros as you want and record them as many times as you want.
KEYMACRO enables you to see all the recorded macros and save them to file.
The recorded macros are automatically replayed according to the keyboard layout and macros timing.
KEYMACRO is written in Java and uses the javax.swing.text.rtf.RTF class.
KEYMACRO allows to save to plain text files using many versions of the Plain Text Format (PLAIN). It can also save to other formats using External Formats (XUL, WYSIWYG).
KEYMACRO can create new macros from scratch (it has a hotkey to rerun the last macro). It can also edit existing macros.
KEYMACRO comes with a demonstration (using English keyboard).
For a full list of features and options, see the About dialog.
KEYMACRO distribution:
– Free distribution on SourceForge.net.
– Source code available to the public.
KEYMACRO screenshot:

Apowersoft UdateStar 12 1.1
A powerful update tool for Windows. Provides a quick and easy way to update and repair your operating system. You can update Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 with ease. And you can update Windows 7 and Windows 8 to Windows 10. After update, your PC will be running Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Pro. All of the latest Windows features are built into the latest update.
It can automatically update your operating system or activate your windows. So, it can be faster to install and uninstall application.
In addition, you can update all the features of your Windows. You can update the Windows Update, Windows Defender, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, Windows Mail, Windows Photo Viewer, System Tray, Taskbar, Control Panel and Windows Firewall.
With this professional update tool, you can also completely backup all the important data on your PC to create a quick recovery solution. This update tool has a user-friendly interface, with a big picture of the folder you want to update, and it is a

CPicture Crack + Download

Choose a folder with images of different formats, make them available in one place. Make a shortcut to open files with the desired application so there’s a way to bypass the lack of editing options. Easily organize collections by date, tags, creation time, and so on.

An application that allows you to quickly export different files as ePub to read on your Kindle or iBooks.
KindleGen supports the following file formats: ePub, HTML,
HTML (C) 2008.
KindleGen Description:
KindleGen is a program for the export of files on your computer to your Kindle. Whether you use ePub books on your computer or you want to use Kindle for e-books in your ebook readers. KindleGen makes this easy with a simple interface. With KindleGen you can also export files as HTML and HTML (C) 2008 formats.
KindleGen Features:
KindleGen is a program for the export of files on your computer to your Kindle. Whether you use ePub books on your computer or you want to use Kindle for e-books in your ebook readers. KindleGen makes this easy with a simple interface. With KindleGen you can also export files as HTML and HTML (C) 2008 formats.
KindleGen will make converting your files into the necessary format on your computer.
KindleGen Import:
KindleGen allows you to import ePub files from your Kindle to your computer.
KindleGen Download:
Download KindleGen for free and convert all your files to Kindle compatible formats on your computer.
KindleGen is totally free and will only work on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.
KindleGen is compatible with Kindle for Windows, for which you can find it in the App store.

KindleGen Description:
KindleGen is a program for the export of files on your computer to your Kindle. Whether you use ePub books on your computer or you want to use Kindle for e-books in your ebook readers. KindleGen makes this easy with a simple interface. With KindleGen you can also export files as HTML and HTML (C) 2008 formats.
KindleGen Features:
KindleGen is a program for the export of files on your computer to your Kindle. Whether you use ePub books on your computer or you want to use Kindle for e-books in your ebook readers. KindleGen makes this easy with a simple interface. With KindleGen you can also export files as HTML and HTML

What’s New In?

Photo Tagger for Windows Mobile 2003 brings fast, easy-to-use tagging of your digital images. It has a user-friendly interface, and works without any additional software. New users can easily add tags or edit existing ones, while advanced users can use more advanced features like batch processing and picture rating. Photo Tagger has a number of features for displaying and organizing your images:
* In-depth tagging, including tags that help in placing an image in the correct folder
* Thumbnail previews
* In-depth rating of your images
* Batch image processing
* Password protection
* Integrated search engine
* Image browser

Introducing CrashPlan, the easiest way to protect data at rest and in motion. Protect your important personal files with unlimited online backup and powerful file recovery. With your own encrypted data stored in the cloud you can access your files from any device.
“I started CrashPlan to help people take control of their digital life, so they could enjoy their computers and mobile devices without worrying about losing important files. The best part is that CrashPlan can protect your data in real-time as it’s being written to the hard drive, so it’s always safe and secure, and there’s nothing to set up or manage.”
– David McAlear, Co-founder, CrashPlan

Introducing Microsoft Office Mobile 2011 for Windows Phone. Microsoft Office Mobile for Windows Phone offers a full-featured set of productivity tools and services on your Windows Phone device. Office Mobile 2011 for Windows Phone includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and more.
“Office Mobile is the perfect complement to Windows Phone devices. By delivering a full featured productivity suite on your Windows Phone device, you’ll get a consistent and reliable experience no matter where you are or how you use it.”
– Pankaj Jha, Program Manager, Microsoft Office Mobile
Learn more about Office Mobile: www.office.com/mobile/products/office-mobile-for-windows-phone-live

The easiest way to create professional power point slideshows on your Windows Phone 7 Smartphone. PowerPoint Mobile for Windows Phone includes support for all of the PowerPoint tools you expect on your desktop version of PowerPoint, with options to share your presentations on the web, e-mail, or save them directly to your device memory.
“PowerPoint Mobile for Windows Phone provides a rich and simple experience for creating and editing PowerPoint presentations. You can create presentations, insert images, zoom, crop, rotate, and flip your slides, and share to a variety of online services. We designed PowerPoint Mobile for Windows Phone to be a seamless experience across any platform.”
– Joel LaMontagne, Manager, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Corporation
Learn more about PowerPoint Mobile for Windows Phone: www.office.com/mobile/products/powerpoint-mobile-for-windows-phone-live

Introducing the Microsoft Band. The


System Requirements For CPicture:

Microsoft Windows 7 or later
OpenGL 4.1 (Windows 7 SP1 and later only)
Blue screen is related to Blue Tongue Studio and the Blue Tongue Engine, both include game modules.
You can play on a 1080p or more window.
When resolution or v-sync is enabled, you may experience minor visual distortion and other artifacts.
Non-native resolution is supported by the game engine, but the game displays a stretched screen.
In addition, the game engine is not optimized for ultra-high resolution or


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