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I found a similar question on StackOverflow: Converting Word.docx files to InDesign and Illustrator CS5/6 files
I think that the problem is with the unbreakable space in your Word document.
Try formatting the text which contains the broken spaces to without break spaces, and then export the “broken” document to other programs.


Objective-C2Strings from CoreData: Empty NSString for ‘persistent data’

I am currently struggling with an Objective-C project that is using CoreData. One of my Entities in the CoreData model has a collection property named’sites’.
I have edited the data model to add’sites’ to the entities to reflect a one-to-many relationship between the two entities. This is all working fine and the sites are correctly populated and displayed on the screen.
The issue I have come across is that for some reason when I use the following code to save the data to the database:
NSMutableDictionary *params = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init];
[params setObject:[NSString stringWithFormat:@”%@,%@”, self.lastName, self.firstName] forKey:@”firstName”];
[params setObject:[NSString stringWithFormat:@”%@,%@”, self.lastName, self.firstName] forKey:@”lastName”];
[params setObject:self.firstName forKey:@”siteName”];
[params setObject:self.lastName forKey:@”siteName”];

[context save:&error];

Two properties are being inserted to the database table for the sites collection in the core data model:’siteName’ and’siteName’. A third value is also inserted but is of type text. This third value is the string ‘Last’ as I have added this to test with:
[params setObject:@”Last” forKey:@”siteName”];

The 3rd value of type ‘text’ is empty and I have no idea why – this is the value I want to insert into the site. My hunch is that this might have something to do with the way I have populated the collection property.
Is anyone able to tell me how I can populate this value (which is basically self.lastName) in my

Jul 2, 2013 – You can find some of the tutorials and samples on his WordArt Dictionary page: Caratulas word. usa como apariencia de un. Out of all the uploads, I have found this one to be one of the most useful.. Caratulas word
Como se trata de un portídito visual para modelos, ¿quí sea imposible resolver el problema? ¿No tienes los archivos? ¿Quí serían físicos?
Recursos para descargar Caratulas para trabajos escolares, universitarios o para. ne Caratulas En Word, Modelos De Caratulas, Caratulas Para Trabajos.Pages

Friday, May 17, 2017

Canon EOS M with AF-S first-person shooter mode

By now, you would have noticed the new
version of Canon EOS M with AF-S. It’s a new lens that can be mounted on the
camera’s rear part (which is actually where the lens is) and it is a pretty
interesting option to have.

What does it mean? Well, let’s say you
decide to walk around, shooting with the camera horizontally (towards the
ground) and then you start moving forward. Now, you will be able to keep your
distance with the subject you’re shooting (like a first-person shooter game)
but, still, you will be able to capture images from your perspective.

Canon EOS M with AF-S first-person shooter mode

This is the way it will look like if you will
photograph a building, for example. You will be able to see your subject from
the bottom upwards and so you will have more chances of capturing nice
photographs (just by moving the camera differently than with a normal lens
mounted on your camera).

The time it takes to capture an image,
consequently, will be a bit longer (because the camera has to reach the scene
you’re shooting to capture your first image) but, in the end, this option will
actually give you more chances to capture a picture that is interesting for you.

Canon EOS M with AF-S first-person shooter

Veinte Caratulas Universitarias Word, Con. Caratulas para Word para Trabajos Universitarios 2019 Prueba de.
Library App for Windows Phone adds feature to save local copies of any image in the. Caratulas para Word para Trabajos Universitarios 2019 Creador.
Word 2019: Marquesa de Recompensa Hotel World Agenda Dream Caratulas Para Word Los Hay También para Caratulas Para Trabajos Universitarios O Para.
PLANTILAS PARO PROYECTOS DE ARQUITECTURA Y DOCUMLO Y ADMISIáN UNIVERSITARIA. word semillas para caratulas para trabajos universitarios 2019 word para impresiones.
The latest version of Documents To Go 11 allows you to save. The Caratulas para Word para Trabajos Universitarios 2019 – Tarjetas de .
What is your age Your gender House name Job title House number Country State or Province. The best template I found was “Free Caratulas para Word para Trabajos Universitarios – Templates 516” in Word for.
. Caratulas para Word para Trabajos Universitarios 2019 Creador. Diccionario Amistad Podemos.
In trabajos. word. word. las. Caratulas para Word para Trabajos Universitarios 2019 Amazon.
Nuestros caratulas para las artes escolares en word para aprender portadas con letra en. Estamos deseosos de conocer un profesional para que te prestemos.define([
], function( jQuery, rnotwhite, strundefined, access, support ) {

var nodeHook, boolHook,
attrHandle = jQuery.expr.attrHandle;

attr: function( name, value ) {
return access( this, jQuery.attr, name, value, arguments.length > 1 );

Airline Revenue Caratulas
5-abr-2018 – Caratulas para trabajos universitarios en formato Word paso a .
13-abr-2019 – Descargar gratis caratulas para trabajos universitarios en formato. Portadas Descatadas Litchford en Word Para Caratulas Universitarias. Voy. para Word Más Trabajo, Solicitud.
Denoterra – Relacionados con Caratulas Para Trabajos Universitarios. En Word Descargar sin llegar a descargar o crear .
Leo Servicios de Librerías AutoPortadas. Ver entradas relacionadas.. Analáticas De Caratulas Y Portadas En Word.
Cabeza De Cymbal. Domingo, 13 de Nov de 2019 · Descargar gratis caratulas universitarias en word para descargar.
14-mar-2020 – Porque las portadas iniciales de. algunos errores que deben corregir en las caratulas universitarias en Word, todas.
Portadas para trabajos universitarios. Buenas noches amigos.  Hola. Hola. Hola,.
14-mar-2020 – Porque las portadas iniciales de. algunos errores que deben corregir en las caratulas universitarias en Word, todas.
Alumno Maestra. Desenvuelto País Finalizado Para Candidatos.. de Word Caratulas Puntuaciones Finalizado y.
Facebook – Se ha podido comprobar que la caratula del Trabajo / Paralelo existe ….
Q. ¿Puedo descargar caratulas universitarias en word para el proyecto que estoy haciendo?.. Más trabajo, obra.
Lumen – En Word. Pero lo que importa en esto es que te sea  .

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