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Boot Snooze is a unique application, able to quickly boot or restart your computer. It can operate while suspended, or on wake-up as well as after boot. It can run while your computer is turned off, and you don’t even need to shut it down first. After reboot, it can start up as a fresh system, and restart all suspended processes. Boot Snooze also supports booting to a dedicated virtual hard drive, making it possible to instantly recover data after a system crash. All you need to do is specify a name and description of the drive. Boot Snooze supports a wide range of popular booting and restarting methods including reboot, hibernate, and shutdown. It can also load preselected settings when booting from external media such as USB. Boot Snooze offers all of these features with a few additional touches, which include unique default settings for booting, and easy and quick setup. It supports a number of Windows OS versions including Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Can we talk about the price of the App please? The program looks absolutely decent but for $79.99 its not that bad. However, I would really like to know what the App does. Its not exactly a money saver since I use a monitor at work and I’m not exactly running it every day. I would love to know what the App does.

No thank you. I’d much rather see a portable VNC server than this app. This app needs to be updated on an almost monthly basis to be useful. For example on my iPhone I use StrongVPN to control my home PC so when I can’t do it on the phone I don’t need to run this app.

The app is terrible, for one thing it keeps locking up and locking up on me. I’ll be at work for maybe 8 hours but I’ll come back and it’s been frozen. I can try to log in and the app crashes. It doesn’t help that the program is weird. I can set it up and put it on a bootable thumb drive then it’s all good. I set it up for a work computer but I forget to take it out on the weekends and so forth.

Also, it’s annoying to have to wait for it to reboot to apply the changes and the interface is very basic. I’m not sure I want it on my Mac though.

Pricing is OK, the software works and all but it’s not 100%

Boot Snooze

Registry keys are configured through a straightforward interface, which allows you to fix settings to your satisfaction. All data is stored in the registry which means that in case your system is erased or damaged, you’re pretty much out of luck.
System start-up and shutdown:
A couple of fields need to be filled in, representing time in minutes before a reboot, as well as the delay after reboot. This gives you the possibility to save your work, or finish the current task before putting the process in motion. On the bright side, a prompt shows up 25 seconds before system reboot, letting you abort the operation if necessary.
Auto start programs:
This function will automate the starting of all installed programs and applications. To be on the safe side, you can always choose to start manually.
Calculate power consumption:
With this option you can enable/disable the usage of energy while running programs. The tab is divided into the following two columns, one for inactive devices, and the other for devices that are running: By clicking on the corresponding buttons, you can activate or disable the corresponding option. You can easily find power consumption details in the help.
User account access:
You can specify log-in credentials for further system access.
Custom startup:
The Startup tab is where you can set custom settings, for example, to put programs or the operating system in a suspended state.
Auto sleep:
This feature allows you to set Windows’ power options to maximize the lifespan of your battery.
Boot options:
You can set the startup mode of the computer to be in sleep mode or hibernate.
Shutdown options:
This function allows you to set different shutdown modes and shut down schedules.
On/off function:
With this setting you can decide whether to use the system on or off when it reaches the specified time.
Image test:
If this option is enabled, it will save system configurations before restarting, so that you can restore it in case of a crash.
Network connection status:
The status of your network connection is displayed, as well as a toggle button for changing the status. You can find more details in the help tab.
For example, you can set the system to hibernate when a Wi-Fi network signal is missing, for instance.
Startup settings:
You can control the settings of the startup process, such as what programs are to be started when the computer is powered on.
Disk Space Status

Boot Snooze

Boot Snooze is a utility designed for Windows 10 that is the perfect solution to reboot your computer. It can be used as a method to wake up your computer as well as make it hibernate, and it also comes with a feature that helps you clean your computer from all unwanted files and processes.
• Ability to hibernate your computer.
• Fresh restart of your computer when you start it up after a fresh reboot.
• Option to prevent getting system files corrupted.
• Prompts 25 seconds before your computer is about to be rebooted.
• Notepad for writing logs.
• Ability to control the time your computer waits for it to power on.
• A main window for setting the power plan.
• A user friendly interface.
• Ability to read logs.
• Uses only 2,016 KB of memory.
Key Features:
• A power plan window.
• Ability to set power scheme of your computer.
• Ability to view the time your computer will be powered on.
• A warning prompt 25 seconds before your computer is about to be rebooted.
• Edit and delete cookies and browsing history.
• Log files.
• Notepad for writing logs.
• Ability to set power scheme for booting your computer.
• Reset all system processes.

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What’s New In?

Set your computer to go into a low power state, completely shut down or start it up right away.
How to use it:
Download the latest version of Boot Snooze
Open the Boot Snooze application
Enter the current hour, minute, second and day of the month in the text box on the top right
If you need to adjust the time of the next reboot, set it to the current time or the next day.
Adjust the Time Before Reboot and Time After Reboot text boxes to your preferences
Enter your account details to automatically log you in to Boot Snooze after reboot
Click the Save button to save the settings to your computer’s registry
About Boot Snooze:
Boot Snooze is a powerful utility to set your computer up with a low power state, enabling it to boot up faster. It also hibernates your computer, completely shuts down all the running processes and saves your work in a file, ensuring that you can retrieve it at a later time. Additionally, it will backup your registry and boot options, to help you retain all your applications and settings, so you can easily reboot with all the same parameters.
This software is classified as a “freeware”, meaning it’s completely free to use. All the software that’s available on our site, including Boot Snooze, are distributed for free.

This is a simple and free tool to speed up your PC. Boot Snooze sets your system up to be ready for the next boot.

– Start up your computer fresh. Boot Snooze automatically restarts your computer and resumes from where you left off
– Restore previous system settings. Boot Snooze saves your old system settings so you can reboot to the exact state you left it.
– Set custom times before and after reboot. Boot Snooze lets you set how long you want your computer to wait before rebooting and how long you want it to wait after rebooting.
– Save your work before you reboot. Boot Snooze saves your work to a file. So even if your computer crashes, you can easily reload the saved work.
– Automatically log you into Boot Snooze after reboot. Boot Snooze lets you choose when to automatically log you in after reboot.
– Set custom boot options. Boot Snooze lets you configure which programs to start when your computer boots.

The activation process is easy and doesn’t require an online connection. It can be used on a clean Windows 10 install.

Supported languages: English
The activation process is easy and doesn’t require an online connection. It can be used on a clean Windows 10 install.

Boot Snooze is a simple and free tool to speed up your PC. Boot Snooze sets your system up to be ready

System Requirements:

* 1GB RAM * Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Vista/XP. * Other requirements may apply. * Mobile phones with Android OS 2.3.4 or higher should be compatible with the application. * Android OS does not support Adobe AIR application in 2015.* Running on Windows 8.1 or higher will need to install an older version of the runtime.
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