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—Mark Sanford, former South Carolina governor

“I disagree with President Obama on one issue: birth certificate. He hasn’t produced one.”

—Rick Perry, former Texas governor

“If you want to find out who was really behind the communist movement, read a little history. It was not a man named Karl Marx, it was a man named Joseph Stalin. And Joseph Stalin was a communist, and Barack Obama is a communist, plain and simple.”

—Joe the Plumber

“It is not arrogant to let a hurricane hit a weaker area. It is strategic. If I recall, Katrina stopped over New Orleans. Subsequent hurricanes did. It’s very clever. I call it the divide-and-conquer.”

—Bob Jones Jr., former university president

“Right now, in the middle of a war, there’s more people out of work in America than when President Obama took office. But what’s he going to do about it?”

—U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Michael M. Murphy

“I’ve been saying since 2008 that the things that are going to happen in America are going to be ugly. I am truly sorry about that. It’s not my intention to cause any undue alarm. But I have been saying since 2008 that what we’re seeing is going to happen, and I was right.”

—NBC reporter Brian Williams

“When I’

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