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AutoCAD Torrent Download is used in a variety of fields and industries, including the architecture and engineering industries, interior design, product development and manufacturing. AutoCAD is offered for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and mobile platforms.


AutoCAD is one of the most popular professional drafting software applications. Its main features are listed below:

The most distinguishing feature of the AutoCAD suite is its integrated drafting and modeling capabilities. A single tool allows the user to add, manipulate and mark or ‘edit’ features and objects using a variety of methods.

The main benefits of this integrated approach include the ability to easily add, move and edit features using a single tool. For example, when you add a line, you don’t need to go to a separate toolbox or switch the application to another mode.

One of the best things about the integrated approach is that you don’t have to draw or calculate over features or objects to modify them. The same applies to most drafting and modeling commands. For example, you can add or subtract faces, lines, circles or arcs from existing features without having to delete and redraw them.

In addition to the integrated approach, a few key commands and tools have been designed to work together to make drafting and modeling tasks easier and faster.

For example, the LINE command, which creates straight line segments, is available as one of the primary drafting commands. A few more commands, such as the LINEAR command, are available to modify a line segment without creating new lines.

Not only does the LINE command allow you to create and modify straight line segments, it also allows you to create arcs or polygons.

Other integrated commands and tools include BARCUT, CIRCLE, ARC, CLIPPING, DECIMAL and DEFINE. These commands and tools can be used in many of the other commands and tools as well.

The ability to add faces and edges to faces, as well as control their rotations and reorientations, is a great benefit to the user.

So is the ability to add bevels, trims, sweeps, levels and intersections to lines and arcs.

One of the most versatile and powerful tools of the AutoCAD suite is the REVOLVE command, which allows you to create a variety of curved shapes, such as arcs, circles and elliptical arcs.


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AutoCAD is a ‘finished product’ and there is an immense amount of resources available online for the use of beginners. There are also a number of tutorials that have been made available by ‘authority figures’ within the AutoCAD community that are very well worth a look.

Application life cycle
Autodesk releases new versions of AutoCAD monthly and have incorporated the following features in every release since AutoCAD 2008.

Former releases

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What’s New In?

When opening the system file (not the drawing) in more than one window, the application will place copies of the same file in different namespaces, based on the last character of the file name.

New menus for Import and Export:

Add images or text to drawings that are not on the page.

Double-click a drawing to open it in its own window.

Changes to command-line options:

The maximum character count when entering files is increased to 65536.

The minimum file size for a new autocad script file is reduced from 16 KB to 4 KB.

New support for.NET and C++ in the scripting language

New tutorial:

Categorize objects and make a symbol set from them.

Rasterizing can be used to get clean vector lines from the edges of raster images.

Older Features:

Changes to:

Opening and Saving:

Support for multiple project managers with different file naming schemes

Support for multi-user viewing:

Support for open multiple drawings at the same time

Enhanced workspace viewing:

Improved performance and viewing in the new workgroups workspace

Moving, resizing and displaying existing AutoCAD drawings:

Improved performance when using the database to store drawings

Changes to Windows:

Better behavior when opening and saving files using the older file open/save dialogs. (Bug fix)

AutoCAD will not update when the settings have changed in the Options dialog.

Windows Power management (Bug fix)

Search mode:

The text search in the Select Objects window now clears when the text field loses focus.

The Add text or objects to the search bar can now be canceled without closing the Select objects window.


Automatic rotation of drawings when viewing a copy of an existing drawing.

Label and drawing orientation:

Additional, fully customizable display options for labeling and drawing orientation.

Text objects:

The automated sizing of text objects can be disabled or enabled using the Text Size button on the Object toolbar.

The Auto Text Height option now has a toggle button to enable or disable automatic text height setting.

New Text Direction menus:

New options to specify the text direction for left-to-right languages.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

1. Primary Sidequest – Echelon Respawn.
2. Primary Sidequest – Echelon Access to Escape.
3. Secondary Sidequest – Echelon Escape.
4. Main Quest – Contact Echelon.
5. Main Quest – Contact Nihal.
6. Mission Rewards – Collect 3 Mission Letters.
2. Primary Side

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