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A fanciful tropical island setting inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead tradition. With vibrant color, an abundance of friendly villagers and plenty of side quests, Paraiso Island is a delightful place to visit.
Paraiso Island brings the Day of the Dead tradition to its tropical island setting. Your experience on the island begins with a welcome gift, a simple set of Chinese New Year decorations, and a welcome letter (written in Spanish) explaining the Day of the Dead.
With the Day of the Dead approaching, Paraiso Island’s villagers are preparing for the festivities. They can be found preparing for the journey to the Otherworld, the afterlife. The path to the Otherworld is decorated and lined with colorful flowers and wood. The villagers are preparing offerings to leave in memory of the departed souls.
The Day of the Dead is a time of remembering loved ones who have died. Gifts are placed outside the door of the deceased, so that they will know they will be received. Many of the Day of the Dead traditions, such as cemeteries, are well-known aspects of Mexican culture. The Day of the Dead is a time of remembrance and a celebration of life.Image copyright Getty Images

A schoolboy who was stabbed to death by his friend – who then picked up another classmate and stabbed him nine times – has had his killer, Terence Roe and his accomplice, Rodney Brown jailed.

Terence Roe was sentenced to life in jail with a minimum of 13 years and 17 months. Rodney Brown was jailed for life with a minimum of seven years.

The judge said there were no mitigating factors for the boy’s killer, who was 15, as well as “a cumulative factor of appalling brutality”.

The boy was killed on 29 June in a house in the Luton area of Bedfordshire.

Five other children were hurt in the attack.

‘A tragedy’

The boy was stabbed at least nine times, and his body was left where he was killed.

At the murder trial last year, the court heard Roe was the mastermind and Brown was the executor of the attack.

Judge Peter Tobin QC described the events of 29 June that led to the killing as “a classic case of murderous friendship”.

He described the incident as “a tragedy that simply had to be the culmination of the slow build-up of a tragic friendship”.

In sentencing Roe, the judge said: “You chose your friend to


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    Grab your favorite pen and pad and start writing!
    With your invention, you’ll automatically be writing a unique Telenovela! Explore all the details of this brand new genre that everyone in the world is talking about. Who writes better? How does Hollywood write their shows? Find out as you follow your characters through each episode, from their first appearance to their bitter end.
    In Telenovela, you’ll research popular Telenovelas and write your own! Instead of picking a genre, you can set your own, if that’s what you want. There’s no restrictions on your story, so feel free to experiment and come up with your own ideas!
    Think you know Telenovela? Use your invention to experiment and find out!
    Storyline Creator
    Telenovela offers you an amazing tool to help you create your plot! With your tool you can zoom in and get a detailed look at every sentence, or zoom out and step back from the action and think about what has been said and done in the episode. Use it to analyze every character’s motives, or use it to find what the next big twist will be!
    With your character description, you can add scenes to help you flesh out your characters and make the story more interesting! Create a tree of characters, play around with descriptions and find out more about your characters!
    Telenovela has the features you’ve grown to expect from your favorite game!
    ✓ Scroll through the episodes!
    ✓ Jump to any point in the episode you want!
    ✓ Add or remove events for your character!
    ✓ Insert scenes!
    ✓ Add characters to your tree!
    ✓ Write your own Telenovela!
    ✓ Zoom in and out on every single line of your writing!
    ✓ Look into the next episode with your invention!
    ✓ Write to 100%!
    ✓ Find out which scenarios produce the most interesting results!
    ✓ Add any of the dozens of fonts available!
    ✓ Show the results of your writing!
    ✓ Export your book!
    ✓ Export your character descriptions to use for the character tracker!
    ✓ Export your scenes to use in the scene calculator!
    ✓ Export your story!
    ✓ Export your character’s personality traits to use in the personas!
    ✓ Export your story!
    ✓ Export your tree!
    ✓ Export your research!
    ✓ Export your scenes!



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    V-Rally 4 is back with even more content, richer gameplay, better physics, better graphics, improved multiplayer and more! It’s the most comprehensive rally experience to date for RIFT on a wide range of platforms. Ready to get behind the wheel?
    Features of “V-Rally 4 Supercharge Pack”:
    • V-Rally 4 is back, with 25 new cars and 4 exclusive liveries for each car. No more dirt roads and muddy tracks for V-Rally4.
    • New game modes: V-Rally, Rallycross, Rallycross Endurance. All new game modes are highly refined and include brand new tracks for your rallypics.
    • New career mode: a new single career mode for each vehicle.
    • Improved online multiplayer, featuring more game modes, teams and events than ever before.
    • More vehicles: Tatum Class 10 and Volkswagen Polo R RX are the newest additions.
    • 4 brand new exclusive liveries: Porsche, VW Polot, VW Polo and Ford Mustang.
    • Do you have what it takes to defend your V-Rally and Rallycross titles?The microbial community in the anaerobic digester treating oil sludge from a vehicle fuel cleaning plant.
    In this study, a microbial community in the anaerobic digester treating oil sludge from a vehicle fuel cleaning plant in Jinan, China, was monitored for 5 months using high-throughput sequencing. An average of 13,197, 8674, 10,296, 10,883 and 15,861 sequences of 16S rDNA were obtained and 628, 531, 832, 853 and 1137 operational taxonomic units (OTUs) were identified. Acidobacteria, Firmicutes, Proteobacteria, Actinobacteria, Bacteroidetes and Chloroflexi were the six most abundant phyla. Candidatus T-comans, a candidate phyla for anaerobic methane oxidizing bacteria, was the major component of Bacteroidetes and accounted for 36.6% of the total sequences, suggesting that its role in anaerobic digestion in this plant might be significant. The data show that Candidatus T-comans should not be neglected when evaluating the composition of microbiota in anaerobic digesters treating oil sludge.Kimani Tai

    Kimani Tai (born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands) is a Dutch rapper. He is


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