Assassin’s Creed Revelations V1 03 428 🏁



Assassin’s Creed Revelations V1 03 428

As Sabretooth, she took on the identity of a woman student named Karla Gould where she would get a job at the Institute of Mutants to be closer to her son. She soon befriended the X-Man, Rogue, in helping them to escape the Phalanx. She would then assist them saving Rogue from the Phalanx. Also, in time, she ventured into lonely places where she would sleep and have visions where she heard of Sabretooth and many other Mutants who owed her their lives and thanked her. Afterwards, she occasionally appeared when Dark Beast approached her to help Wolverine monitor the activities of Sabretooth in his missions. (X-Men #1, X-Men #20, X-Men #30, Avengers #6, Uncanny X-Men v2 #24)

With Greydon Creed’s hatred for her parents, she decided to take over the family’s business and looking to the Muir Island Convention Center to disguise herself as Leni Zauber and assassinate Victor Creed. She found out that Victor and her son Graydon have been in the area of Muir Island and menacing the city in their search for Azuma Goda. However, Sabretooth and Raven arrived in time to save her son and Victor with their arrival scaring Raven away and allowing Creed to seek Slayer’s help with tracking her whereabouts. She revealed to the new mutant that her son was her natural form, though not realizing that she was in fact Sabretooth. She thought of taking him as a husband because of their mutual love for her and his past love for her, but the mutant found out about her shapeshifter nature.

She then attacked Sabretooth while her sister Rachel took his body to the X-Mansion and Greydon took control of Sabretooth’s body where Dark Beast then took the two to a plane to Fletcher where Foxy was on board. She tried to apologize to her son on giving him away and apologize to him for being a different person from the mother he knew. She conceded herself to her legacy of murder back then. (Wolverine v2 #212)


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